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    80s electronica at its best. Perfect for the night ride scenes
    90s style mellow hip-hop beat with vocal elements, funk percussion, electric guitar, and SFX
    Groovy and cool 70s style funk with Vibe Rhodes, funky guitar, and a large wooly bass.
    Starting with an Ambient airy electronic melody leading into a lounge type feel
    Brooding 90s hip-hop with a catchy melody and a cool laidback feel
    Groovy and sexy 70s cop theme style music with Rhodes piano, percussion, a funky beat, and a cool bass line
    Upbeat and energetic funk-rock track with a strong guitar riff, vinyl scratch effects, and a catchy uplifting vibe
    Laid back brooding 90s hip-hop beat with vinyl scratching FX, Vocal elements, guitars, and tremolo Rhodes piano
    Laid-back beat with an almost Japanese sounding lead synth line. Hear Rhodes piano, synths, bass, and a strong percussive drum beat.
    90s hip-hop track with a Groovy bass line played off against an array of samples and a strong rhythm section
    Cool Synthwave track giving that late night car ride feel
    90s style hip-hop with a transitional feel and a solid mid-tempo pulse. Hear piano, vocal FX, drums, bass, and percussive sounds
    Super groovy 70s funk with clavinet, scratched vinyl FX, Vocal elements, funk guitar, and a cool catchy feel
    90s Transitional hip-hop track with a mysterious tone
    Mellow electronic lounge music suitable for presentations, compilation videos, or transitions
    80s cute contemplative synth-pop
    Mellow Summers day vibing Hip-hop beat with vocal elements, groovin drums and bass, and other samples
    Sexy, groovy and catchy 90s style track with smooth synths, a mellow beat, piano, and contemplative melodies.
    Quirky and fun 80s electropop
    Mellow 90s electronic lounge track with a catchy guitar riff , synth pads, claps, horns, and a solid pulse
    Early 90s style hip-hop with a funky beat, piano, vinyl scratches, vocal elements and other SFX
    Energetic retro lo-fi game music with catchy fun melodies
    Contemplative 80s Synthwave track with a warm analog sound and a strong pulse
    Catchy upbeat 70s style funk tune with a cool energetic pulse. Hear horns, drums, percussion, funk guitar, bongos and more
    Hip-hop track with a big drum beat and quirky broody melodies
    Uplifting and inspirational 80s/90s style electro track with a strong catchy lead synth melody
    90s style groovy instrumental hip-hop with cool catchy bass line driving the track
    Energetic 90s electronica trance style track with a solid drum beat and various synth elements
    Laid-back minimal electronic track. Great for transitions or presentations
    80s style Syntwave track with a fuzzy bass center surrounded by ambient synth pads, and a solid energetic beat
    Cool pulsing 90s track similar to the Grand Theft San Andreas soundtrack
    Upbeat and energetic funk/soul track with a strong rhythm section, horns, organs, funky guitar and chimes
    Contemplative electronic track with a late 80s/90s style
    Mellow 90s lounge like electronica with gentle laid-back synths
    Feel-good groovy beat with processed guitars, SFX, percussion and distinctive new year countdown
    Cool, hip and funky 70s track with a strong drum beat, Rhodes piano, vinyl scratching effects, and other SFX
    Mysterious and Contemplative Synthwave track with a warm analog sound
    Cool mellow gangster style hip-hop straight out of the 90s
    Thumping energetic 90s sounding hip-hop with catchy hooks
    Retro minimal game music with a cutesy, careless, mellow vibe
    Feel-good energetic hip-hop style beat with a catchy horn riff driving the track
    Mellow minimal electronic track with a subtle repetitive melody
    Modern club style electronica with an upbeat, inspiring, energetic feel
    Energetic, upbeat hip-hop beat with an uplifting feel
    Synth electronic track reminiscent of late 90s transitional musical pieces
    Smooth and mellow beat with a piano motif throughout
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