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By Jeff Wiedenfield


Jeff Wiedenfield

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  • 80
  • 3:37
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  • 120
  • 5:17
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  • 80
  • 2:33
  • 4
  • 80
  • 6:28
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  • 80
  • 5:18
  • 6
  • 94
  • 3:23
  • 7
  • 120
  • 2:57
  • 8
  • 120
  • 3:17
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  • 3:22
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  • 4:13
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Royalty Free Licensing

Basic License

Need music for your Youtube channel? Making a non-commercial production? The Basic License is great for non-advertising, non-commercial projects. Monetised online content is also suitable for this license. Use Cases: Youtube channels, Vimeo, presentations, student projects, hospital radio.


  • Including:

  • -  MP3 44.1khz
  • -  WAV 48khz
  • -  PDF License
  • -  Pre-checked for YouTube monetization
  • -  Lifetime Use in any project

Commercial License

Making a commercial? or a movie and need some music? This license is suitable for use in a single project, in any country on any medium. Use cases: Commercial advertising, TV, movies, podcasts, Events, Youtube, Games. We have all your bases covered with the Commercial License.


  • Including:

  • -  MP3 44.1khz
  • -  WAV 48khz
  • -  PDF License
  • -  Alt Takes (if Available)
  • -  Stems (if Available)
  • -  Pre-checked for YouTube monetization
  • -  Lifetime Use With Single Project

All Music that is purchased on Pyramid Tracks is royalty free.
A royalty free track means the buyer pays a one-time fee which grants the right to use the music as many times as needed in one project. You will never have to pay any additional licensing fees for using the music in your project.

We offer 2 royalty-free license options:

Basic License

The Basic License covers Student projects, corporate videos, web videos (Youtube, Vimeo etc..) and all non-commercially distributed projects.
It also covers non-profit events and film festivals. This license can be used for unlimted projects, worldwide in perpetuity.

Commercial License

The Commercial License covers all Basic License terms along with Advertising on TV, Radio, Theaters, Apps, Games and Public Events. It also includes worldwide unlimited distribution of projects intended to generate revenue. This license can be used for only one project, worldwide in perpetuity.

Need help determining which license you need? Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

You will recieve high-quality MP3 and WAV versions of your purchased track and a PDF license.
The commercial license also comes with alternative versions if available.

All of our licenses are valid forever.

This is completely up to you. We would appreciate any credit given to the artists and the site but this is not needed.

You will always find any purchased tracks in "My Music" page under "Purchased Songs".
You can download them directly from here.

Due to the nature of our licensing system it is not possible to give any refunds. We offer free preview tracks for you to test before buying.
If the case is you purchased the wrong type of license then please contact us to assist you

We do offer music for free depeneding on its intended use. We will also need attribution for any tracks used for free.
Please contact us with your proposal and we will get back to you shortly.

We are always looking for new artists to join the family. Please Contact us with links to your music and we will get back to you shortly.

About Us

Who are we?

Pyramid Tracks is based out of Stockholm, Sweden and was founded in 2018.
We are small experienced and passionate team made up filmmakers and musicians.

The Music?

If you need obscure, unusual and interesting royalty free music then we are the site for you! Find amazing music from our hand picked award winning artists and composers from around the world.
There is simply no other catalog with such a diverse collection of weird and wonderful tracks.
Don’t settle for boring generic music heard a million times, you and your productions deserve better.
Discover the interesting world of Pyramid Tracks and never be bored again

The future for us?

We are working continuously to improve our service and site. You will see regular improvements on all fronts as our business grows. In the near future we will also offer custom/commission based music for you that need something unique for your project. We will always be dedicated to retro music and tracks with special characteristics.

With from Sweden

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