Emotional Dance

Davide Dondi



Emotional Dance

90s style upbeat electronic track. Includes synth pads, hand claps, and various other synth elements

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Modern style electronic track. Would work well in vlogs or transition pieces
90s style upbeat electronic track. Includes synth pads, hand claps, and various other synth elements
A feel-good energetic track with a strong driving bass line, driving drums and vocal-like elements
Energetic, rhythmic, and explosive percussive track. Utilizing drums, claps, and percussion
Fun and energetic track with a funky bass line, happy synth chords, with a driving beat
Energetic yet chilled electronic track with a solid drum beat and catchy melodies.
Dramatic, atmospheric, and dreamy track with electronic strings, vocal-like elements, and drums
A pulsing electronic track that continuously builds to the end
A dreamy electronic track with a rising and falling pulse. Great for time lapse scenes
70s cop theme style soundtrack with a modern aesthetic. Hear trumpet, piano, and groovy bass
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